Dr. Luis Acosta

Dr. Luis Acosta began his career as an equine practitioner after graduating from the UDCA veterinary school in Bogota, Colombia. His experience is comprised of a wide range of equine work including basic equine reproductive and advanced veterinary subjects. For instance, Dr. Acosta is well versed in subjects such as:

  • A.I.
  • Frozen and transported semen
  • Mare management.

Dr. Acosta has also worked in sports medicine, mainly specializing in lameness diagnoses, treatment and rehabilitation.


After moving to the United States, Dr. Acosta began attending The Oklahoma Horseshoeing School in Purcell, OK and became a certified farrier in 2001. Dr. Acosta has ventured across the United States applying and extending his knowledge of horsemanship in states such as North Carolina and Montana.


Presently, he resides in Ocala, FL and shares his passion for horses with his family. They have contributed toward the promotion and establishment of the versatile and noble Trote y Galope horse breed in the USA and the fact that this breed of horse is essential for its use in trail riding.


Dr. Acosta has been an active trail rider for numerous years and has witnessed the growth and development of the trail riding sport in the nation. Realizing that it is an established and fast growing market, Dr. Acosta has applied his natural horsemanship devotions towards establishing The Healthier Horse. Using his thorough knowledge in equine health, Dr. Acosta has a unique and exclusive range of horse health product.